Monthly Thursday SoDa Data Drop-In

If you have questions about your data or methods, join our monthly online SoDa Data Drop-In on the third Thursday of every month at 16:00. Add it to your calendar by clicking here, or just follow the link below.

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What we offer

We can help you with short consultations or full collaborations on your project.

Free for anyone at an ODISSEI member organisation

Short consultations

We regularly meet with social scientists to consult them on various issues surrounding data science, statistics, research engineering.
Whether it’s a half-hour conversation where we point you in the right direction, a brainstorm session about how to collect your data, or a longer session where we program something together, do not hesitate to get in contact!

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Collaborate on a project

We work together with social scientists on longer projects where substantial involvement of the SoDa team is required. This could take various different forms. For these projects we start with a non-committal conversation about the goals and the requirements of the research project.

For examples of what we can do together, see the section below.

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What can we do together?

The ODISSEI Social Data Science (SoDa) team exists to support social scientists in their research projects. Researchers from ODISSEI member organisations can propose research projects for which our computational, statistical, and research engineering skills will help answer questions that would otherwise remain unanswered.
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If you want to see examples of projects we did,
check out our projects page here

Data Acquisition

  • Add geotagged information to your data
  • Extract information from images
  • Create networks based on interesting links
  • Connect different sources of data (survey + register)

Data Analysis

  • Deal with high-dimensional (wide) data
  • Deal with high-volume (long) data
  • Deal with very wide and long data (OSSC)
  • Integrating different sources in 1 analysis


  • Visualize difficult models to interpret them (e.g., interpretable machine learning)
  • Evaluate research findings on a methodologically sound basis


  • Interactive data visualization of your research for news websites
  • Technical proof-of-concept for your grant proposal
  • Experts in data analysis collaborate on your paper

What people think about us

Here are some statements of people we collaborated with in the past.

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