What we do

We are the ODISSEI Social Data Science Team. Our mission is to help researchers with data intensive and computational research. Mainly, we:

Our team is composed of data scientists, statisticians and research engineers. We are a very low-threshold entry point for researchers: if you think we can help, we look forward to hear from you.

On this page, you can get a taste of our guiding principles.

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Social Science

We aim to advance the Social Sciences using data science.

SoDa projects should bring added value to the field, either by answering interesting social-scientific research questions using (ODISSEI) data and/or computational methods that could not have been answered otherwise, or by enabling such answers through the development of research software and modelling – and ideally, both.


Open Science

We are open science ambassadors, and greatly value transparency and reproducibility of our research.

SoDa projects should adhere to the highest feasible standards of reproducibility, open science, and research integrity. As well as benefit especially from other resources developed at ODISSEI, such as CBS microdata, the OSSC, or the CBS social network file.


Team Science

We are equal, collaborative partners in the project.

SoDa projects should be truly collaborative, in the sense that both the SoDa team and the substantive researchers are equal partners in decisions regarding the setup of the study, data analysis, software design, and peer-reviewed publication(s).


Goal Orientation

We aim to have one attainable goal per project.

SoDa projects should define a S. M. A. R. T. goal, resulting in, for example, one or more of the following outputs:

  • Reusable software packages (the team will measure usage & references).
  • Tutorials to make software accessible (measure website visits).
  • Research proposal contributions, i.e., being mentioned and/or co-applicants of research proposals.
  • Data products with documentation.
  • Research papers of one of the following types:
    • Substantive papers with SoDa involvement.
    • Methodological papers with substantive motivation.

See the full principles in detail here